Night Blindness Detector by Poorn Mehta and Dr. Rajesh Mehta

We have invented an instrument that can help save more than ₹1 lakh crore annually for the country, with the investment being less than ₹500 crore per annum. Additionally, this innovation has the potential of bringing over ₹1,800 crore from exports to the world every year. Through evaluation of eyesight for night blindness, this instrument also has the ability to screen for the deficiency of Vitamin A, and therefore has applications in many sectors such as transportation, public health, defence, education, etc. It is known fact that Vitamin A deficiency can lead to more road traffic accidents, industrial accidents, skin infections, respiratory tract infections, reduced immunity, high maternal and child mortality, blindness and much more harmful effects on health. The instrument will be very useful in prevention backed with decades of research and development, this revolutionary idea has the potential to provide a significant boost to the country’s growth and secure its future. We are seeking financial and strategic support to reach every corner of the nation. The principal of instrument is to measure the amount of light required in terms of millilux for an individual to identify the object in a machine. It is now desirable for various organisations to come forward and support this idea to put into practice. While instrument will cost Rs 1 lac the recurring cost will be less than Rs 1 per 10 test.


A wide-scale adoption of this technology will create waves of impact, leading to a number of direct and indirect benefits of massive significance across a vast variety of sectors.

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